cheap last minute airline tickets

Booking cheap, last minute airline tickets is becoming a common place among travellers and tourists. It is quite understandable that we usually get clouded by the day-to-day hassle of life and often do some things on the go at the last minute. Booking a cheap last minute airline ticket might pose a great challenge. Usually, last minute tickets comes relatively high, because it is either there are no seats for booking on the next available flights or they come very expensive. How do you then book cheap last minute airline tickets for your trip. FlyBoku is got an answer for you.

Discard the old methods of finding cheap last minute flights. Back in the days Back in the day, the best way to get last minute flights was to arrive at the airport and ask for a standby ticket. Now so many people are travelling by air, the majority of flights sell out: and the only way you’re going to get on that elusive standby list is: If you miss your own flight, If you hold a full price ticket and want to get on an earlier flight, or If you have friends working at the airline. Even then you should be prepared to wait.

Keep your eyes and ears open, that is you have to be on the lookout. You’re not the only one out there looking for cheap last minute flights. You can get the jump on other spontaneous travellers just by paying attention.

Subscribe to or sign up for an airline newsletter, signing up for Flyboku Newsletter might be another great option. This works particularly well for chartered flights, as they often have extra seats to fill, and the newsletter will keep you posted about last minute flight sales.


As well as using FlyBoku to find last minute flights, use websites specifically designed for last minute travel. Holiday Pirates is a great example. Not only do they source last minute flights, they also give an in-depth description of the offer.

Signing up for price alerts is another good way to find last minute flights, depending on where you’re flying from. Fortunately, FlyBoku Price Alerts have arrived just in time for this purpose. The basic concept is that you mark a flight that you are interested in and we will email you every day telling you whether the price has dropped, risen, or stayed the same.

Follow your favourite airlines on social media. Your time on Facebook and Twitter will be well spent if you manage to pick up a deeply discounted flight. Look for cancellation holidays. Some package holiday companies sell off last minute trips for a huge discount when their customers can no longer travel. That way be rest assured of getting cheap low cost airline tickets for your trips.