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Nigerian citizens can travel to various African countries without any need for a visa in their passports. There are various African countries that Nigerians can visit free for a temporary period of time or may get a visa issued to him or her on arrival for a particular fee. Many of these visa free African countries are the perfect holiday destinations for Nigerian to explore other countries and cultures.

Most of this African countries is known to have one of the world’s best hotels and resorts available for visitors and tourist there are beautiful scenic beaches, lakes, wildlife and national parks that will leave visitors breathless. ‘FLYBOKU’ offers cheap flight tickets to most of these African countries and every other countries outside Africa. Save thousands of Naira with our discounted flight fares and hotel bookings and enjoy a budget friendly holiday in these African countries.

Here is a list of visa-free African Countries for Nigerian Citizens
Visa requirement
When a Nigerian visits these visa free African countries, all you need to do is to show your valid Nigerian passport to the immigration officers at the border or airport entry point.
(iii)Côte d'Ivoire
(vii)Sierra Leone
(xi)Benin Republic
(xiii)Burkina Faso
(xiv)Cape Verde

African Countries Where Visa are Issued on Arrival
Any Nigeria citizens do not need to arrange for visa to enter these countries. The visa will be issued on your arrival. After which your international passport will be stamped with a temporary permit or a visa at the airport or country border. You will be required to pay a fixed fee between the sum of $50 to $100 per entry into any of these countries. Please note the visa fee price may vary according to the different countries. The maximum stay for any visitor in any of these countries is 90 days except Djibouti and Tanzania, where visitors are required to stay for 1 month.

Here are the list of Africa countries who issues visa on arriva

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