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Blogs is a digital travel agency in Nigeria, you can book cheap flight booking, tours & vacations, hotels, cars, visas. launched its media campaign with an animation video starring the digital character, Mr. Boku launched its media campaign with an animation video starring the digital character, Mr. Boku, a one-stop shop for travel solutions has continuously proven itself to be a unique lifestyle travel brand with the best deals in Africa. Recently, it was recognised as one of Africa’s top 100 travel agencies in West Africa by Akwaaba. The brand is built on a deep-rooted knowledge of ...
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Ghana is a beautiful country brimming with arguably the most accommodating and patient citizenry in sub Saharan Africa. Yes, I said arguably. From the moment you arrive at the Kotoka International airport in Accra, you become aware of a sense of ease that comes right at you, along with the humid atmosphere. Take your mind off the temperature and everything else is just beautiful. Here are some places you should visit during your stay in Ghana. Jame...
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If you ever find yourself in the beautiful city of Lagos, take some time to let your hair down so you can get a feel of the energy that courses through the veins of its residents. A vibrant nightlife coupled with an incessant daytime buzz will make the trip even more worthwhile for you. If you get the chance in this scenic city, here are a couple of places you should visit. La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort The resort is entwined in the core freshness of na...
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When families go on vacation, their bonds are strengthened and memories are created from each experience they encounter. Most times, these experiences from their adventures make up for stories that will be passed on from generation to generation. During family trips, children tend to learn more, discover things and make new friends. This is because, their formative years are usually inquisitive, hence,  they stand to gain a lot from exposure. There are quite a number of parents who would love to embark on a family adventure in order to relax and spend some quality time with their ki...
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4 Local Nigerian Drinks You Should Know

Nigerian drinks may have been influenced by various foreign cultures, but there are some that still stand out as purely indigenous to the people of the country. These drinks-both alcoholic and non-alcoholic-are regularly consumed by middle to low-income earners, not as a substitute for more expensive imported drinks, but purely for the rich Nigerian taste. Infact, most will argue that they taste better! From the beloved soft Zobo leaf drinks to the banned homemade gin, Mr Boku has compiled a list of four local drinks that you must be aware of whenever you travel around Nigeria. These...
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Someone recently recounted to me a seldom-heard story about Nigeria which left me astounded. According to the legend, Mr Boku wanted to travel through Africa in the late 50s in a bid to discover the rumored potentials of various destinations across the continent. He started this journey in Nigeria and found himself in awe of the beautiful West African nation. Widely referred to as the Giant of Africa, the nation was divided into regions as a result of the multitude of tribes existing in the geographical area, but at the same time, united by a singular objective - Independence. It was...
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Join Mr Boku aka “The Travel Doctor” For a Low Cost Discover Africa Adventure – As Mr Boku wishes you Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day Nigeria! Enjoy a vacation getaway from N50, 000! Quick question… How many historic places have you visited in Nigeria or even in Africa? Do you even travel? No? Why Not? I understand how tough the economic environment is nonetheless you can still live a balanced life that includes your vacation holidays. We all just need to be smarter on how we spend our Naira and Kobo to make sure we are getting the best value for our money! This is where “Mr Bok...
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Are you an adrenaline junkie? Are you looking for fascinating places to visit? Are you a lover of nature? Or are you just yearning for a change of environment? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then Mr Boku has only one thing to say to you; Naija Rocks! The beauty of travel is not just in the going, it’s in the totality of the experience, that’s why I’ve selected a couple of natural wonders from across Nigeria for you to experience. Nigeria is blessed with so many fascinating rock formations, but here are 4 you can visit!
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As the saying goes ‘you are what you eat’. Most of the time you can tell the tribe of a Nigerian by what they like to eat and that proves the fact that Nigerian food is an essential aspect of Nigerian culture. With a vast number of tribes and cultures in play, Nigerian cuisine is pretty interesting and colourful. Here are a few dishes from the North, South, East and West. Enjoy. North - Miyan Kuka There is only one thing I think of when I see a pumpkin - Halloween, but...
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Sometimes, food is not enough reason to get us to travel, but add a glass of something interesting to the mix and voila! Scientifically speaking, taste buds are aroused in different ways due to a variety of factors, so in one case, food might do the trick, and in another, drinks would. For those who need to get their taste buds aroused through liquids, I have come up with 5 options for you. Check them out! Umqombothi Growing up, my eyes were always glued to ...
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