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The Travel Guide Show With Titi, Episode 7 - New Benefits of Medical Tourism, Part 2

On this episode of the Travel guide show, we re-visit the topic on medical tourism, where a lot more light is shed on the benefits offered by the many alternative couuntries we have out there. To get more information on this topic, click here, New Benefits of Medical Tourism   Brought to you by Mr. Boku of
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The Travel Guide Show With Titi, Episode 6 - Pregnancy & Air Travel, Traveling With Minors

When it comes to traveling while pregnant, especially for first time mothers, the thought of it could be really unnerving, but then quite a number of things need to be taken into consideration for a traveling expectant mother to have that safe trip to and fro. 1- Plan to embark on your trip during the second trimester. During the 1st trimester ( 1st  - 12th week), the risk of having a miscarriage is usually very high. During the 2nd trimester (1...
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The Travel Guide Show With Titi, Episode 5 - New Benefits of Medical Tourism

MEDICAL TOURISM: This is the access of medical services and wellness programs, which involves some travel. Medical tourism also involves traveling to a country other than your own, to obtain medical treatment. DRIVERS OF MEDICAL TOURISM: These include: Lack of required medical skill or equipment in patient's geographical location Lack of confidence in local heal...
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The Travel Guide Show With Titi, Episode 4 - Top 10 Tips on Safeguarding Your Home While on Vacation

Bags packed – Check, Kids ready- Check, Plane tickets- Check, Empty the fridge- Check, Home safety measures while away- No check. That is so wrong. While away on vacation, safeguarding our homes against any unfortunate mishap is very key. Whether you are going away for a day or a week, safeguarding the Home-front from any kind of mishap should always be paramount in our pre-travel to do list.1) Lock all doors and secure all other openings like the windows. Make sure all the doors are properly locked e.g. front doors, back doors, fire exits. 2) Turn off all electr...
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The Travel Guide Show With Titi, Episode 3 - Top 8 Tips on Showing Love During Valentine

Love is in the Air folks.We are in the season of love, The Valentine season. The period specially dedicated to showing love.There are various ways of showing how much you care, its inexhaustible. The valentine season extends till the end of February even though it’s on a Tuesday this year and a lot of people will be at work or busy.Mr Boku, your travel doctor has some tips on how to show love during this Valentine season. Make this valentine about the heart to heart expressions that build intimacy and connection. 1-You should move the celebration to t...
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The Travel Guide Show With Titi, Episode 2 - Top 7 Tips on Budget Travel

So for Episode 2 of the Tea Break Travel Guide Show, Mr. Boku gave insights on traveling on a budget. On that note, here are the Top 7 Tips on Budget Travel. Budget Travel means keeping your expenses minimal whilst you travel. 1)Plan ahead of time: The longer you wait ,the more expensive the trip becomes .Start planning from 6 months – 1 year prior to the trip, this will enable you save up for the trip if you have to. 2)Travel during the low se...
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Maiden Edition- The Travel Guide Show With Titi the Dynamite (IFM92.3)

The Travel Guide Show - Tea Break with Titi the Dynamite of Inspiration FM92.3 on the 27th of January launched an amazing show titled "Tea Break Travel Guide Show" With Titi the Dynamite. The maiden edition saw the actual presentation and bringing to life the character Mr. Boku of The show promises to educate Nigerians on why they ought to connect travel with their lifestyle and more; taking advantage of several key notes missed by so many..   ...
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Ever Wanted an African Adventure..Outside SA's Safari Park? Visit Ghana Today

Ghana is known as the Black Star or the hope of Africa as popularly referred to. Located in the Gulf of Guinea in West Africa, Ghana prides itself on being a politically stable, democratic country. It is ethnically and religiously diverse. And it’s English speaking, which makes life just a little easier. Ghana’s history spans the great Ashanti Kingdom, through the horrors of the Slave Trade, to one of the fastest growing economies in the world today. So while you won’t come to Gha...
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SAA Introduces Valentine Promo (BOGOF) For Abuja Business Class Flyers to Jo-burg

Valentine's day is already around the corner and in order to commemorate South African Airways' (SAA) second gateway to Nigeria, the airline is introducing a "Buy One Get One Free" Business class Promo, exit Abuja to Johannesburg. The essence of the promo is to give back to Nigerians this season and to celebrate the privilege to have a second touch down base with Nigeria apart from Lagos. What a way to start the new year, 2017. Kudos to SAA!! Important Note: -Promo is valid for travel between now and 28 February 2017 (All travel to be complete...
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6 Tips on Pregnancy and Air Travel by Mr. Boku Part 1

Pre-baby trip right? The thought of travelling whilst pregnant could be unnerving, especially if it’s your first time. Not to worry, Mr Boku of has got your back, so relax. By following the tips below, your trip should be safe and comfortable.  1- Plan to embark on your trip during the second trimester. During the 1st trimester ( 1st  - 12th week), the risk of having a miscarriage is usually very high.  During the 2nd trimester (13th - 28th week), having a Pre-baby labor or miscarriage is lower. ...
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